African Mobilities

Client: African Mobilities, Wits School of Architecture, Architekturmuseum der TU M├╝nchen
Project: African Mobilities: This Is Not A Refugee Camp Exhibition & African Mobilities 2.0
Years: 2018 & 2020
Contribution: Visual Strategy, Digital Strategy, Design, Communications

African Mobilities is a living contemporary archive of thought on architecture and Africa’s urban realities. We were invited by Dr Mpho Matsipa founder and curator of African Mobilities to develop a visual identity, visual communications mechanisms, and a communications strategy for the project.

For the iteration of the project in 2018 we created:
A project identity, collateral for events, engagements and exhibitions. We also designed the website and project catalogue, conceptualised and implemented the digital communications plan.

For the second iteration of the project – which took places completely online – we started by thinking about contemporary life and how it is increasingly mediated through screens. We drew inspiration from the aesthetics of augmented reality to develop a project identity, collateral for the programme including flyers, banners, gifs and profile images.